If you have made the mistake of locking your car keys inside your vehicle, or had a key break off in your vehicle's door or the ignition, it can feel stressful being completely helpless in an emergency situation. Don't make the mistake of hiring the first emergency automotive locksmith service you can find, since there are some questions you should ask to ensure you are using the best one. 

What Is The Cost of the Lockout Service?

When hiring an automotive locksmith, especially outside of normal business hours, there is a possibility that there is an additional fee for helping you. It could be an immediate dispatch charge if it is an emergency, or a charge based on the time you are having the work done. An automotive locksmith may even factor in travel costs if they have to drive a long distance to get to you. 

Always be sure to fully understand what the rate is for the service you are requesting so that you do not receive a surprise bill in the end. It also helps to disclose as much information about your car's locking mechanism as possible. For example, a car that uses smart locks could be a challenge for a locksmith, and may require a certified technician to perform the work, which could cost more money.

Is Towing Offered As Well?

You should ask if the automotive locksmith offers towing services as well. In the event that they cannot get your car unlocked, you'll need to take it to a dealership where a new key can be made. This is more likely to happen with a more sophisticated electronic locking system. If the locksmith offers towing service, they can help tow the car at the same time instead of having to wait for a towing company to come help. 

Do You Need To Show Proof of Ownership?

A conundrum you may have is how to prove that you own the car you were locked out of when the registration is located in the car. Thankfully, automotive locksmiths understand this, and they will work with you. Check with the locksmith first about what kind of identification is needed to perform the job. It's common to ask to see your driver's license as identification, and then match it with the name on the registration once they gain access to the car. 

By asking these three questions, you'll be prepared for any potential surprised when using an automotive locksmith. Contact a local garage, such as Jim's Garage Inc, to find one with the right lockout services for you.