You have to make many important decisions when buying a car. One of the more basic choices that you will need to make is whether you want a traditional gasoline or diesel engine in your new car. Sadly, it is common for individuals to make the mistake of giving credit to some common misconceptions about diesel engines, and dispelling these two ideas will give you a stronger understanding about which type of engine you should choose.

Myth: Diesel Engines Will Cost Far More Than Gas Engines To Maintain

Some people may avoid buying a diesel engine because they are under the impression that this style of engine will require far more intensive maintenance. However, this is not the case, and diesel engines were designed to be a durable low-maintenance alternative to gasoline engines. In fact, outside of regular service visits and oil changes, these engines will not require much special care to keep them running. Additionally, these engines are designed so that damaged and malfunctioning components can easily be replaced, which can help to lower any labor costs you may have to pay when the engine needs repair work.

Myth: Extensive Idling Is Harmless For Diesel Engines

individuals that have only recently purchased a vehicle with a diesel engine may be under the impression that idling the engine for long periods of time is harmless for these engines. This assumption can stem from noticing many commercial truckers idling their engines overnight. However, it should be noted that this is often done to continue powering the truck's interior lights and air conditioning so that the trucker can comfortably rest.

Idling for long periods can actually place a tremendous strain on these engines. This occurs because the fuel that is burned during idling usually does not completely ignite, which can result in unburned fuel residue accumulating on the interior of the engine. Eventually, enough of this residue can accumulate to cause the engine to fail. For these reasons, you should limit the amount of idling that you do with diesel engines.

Buying a vehicle with a diesel engine can be an excellent option for many people, but this can be a difficult option to choose if you fail to understand the truth behind common notions about these engines. By realizing that diesel engines are not more maintenance intensive and that extended idling can pose a threat to the engine, you will be better prepared to get the most out of your new vehicle purchase. 

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