If you are concerned about whether or not the transmission of your car may be failing, you may benefit my knowing the signs that are associated with transmission problems. Here are a few of them:

Leaking Red Fluid

The transmission of your car contains red fluid that provides lubrication and conditioning for the seals of the transmission while also filling the role of a hydraulic fluid. If the transmission fluid begins to leak, the transmission usually begins to slip in the vehicle. Eventually, if the transmission fluid level becomes too low, the engine will lock and fail to work at all.

Due to the bright red color of automatic transmission fluid, it can be easy to recognize a puddle of the substance on the light-colored concrete beneath your car. However, if the pavement is already extremely dark, discerning the red color may be more difficult.

To ensure that the liquid that you are seeing is transmission fluid, you can touch it lightly with your fingertips to distinguish the red color against your skin. You can also place a piece of white paper or newspaper under your car overnight to see if red fluid collects on it.

No Immediate Response to Gear Change

Another sign of a failing transmission is if your car will not go smoothly into gear. When you shift the gear of your car into drive, the car should immediately engage. However, if there is a delay, this is usually an indication and that the transmission is the problem.

New Noises

If you start to hear unusual sounds as you shift the gears of your car, the teeth of the gears could be wearing away. The sounds emitted usually include unusual whining or humming. This is often due to the engine idling high but being unable to shift into the proper gear.

A Burning Odor

A burning odor can indicate that the transmission of your car is overheating. The odor actually comes from the transmission fluid. Since the fluid is responsible for the lubrication and cooling of transmission parts, components may wear out or fail as the fluid is overheated. The heat causes the fluid to degrade and become less effective, so there is little protection for transmission components from sludge and other contaminants.

If you suspect that the transmission in your car is not operating at an optimal level, it is best to have it checked before the transmission fails completely. To have the transmission in your car properly inspected, schedule an appointment with an automotive specialist from a company like McCarty's Transmision Service Inc. as soon as possible.