Headlights can stop working on your vehicle for a number of reasons. Understanding what is wrong with your headlights can help you to know whether or not you need to take your car into a repair shop to get the situation rectified. Use the following troubleshooting methods to help determine what is wrong with your car's headlights.

Light Bulb Burnout

Just as with the light bulbs in your home, the lights in your vehicle can burn out over time. While you may be able to replace the lights on your own, some vehicles require more work than others to get to the headlights for replacement. You may have to remove the front quarter panel to access the headlights, which may make a trip to the repair shop a better option.

Wiring Issues

If both of your headlights are not working, the problem might not be fixed by replacing the lights. You may have a wiring fault, or you may have a faulty fuse, headlight switch or dimmer switch. If you replace both headlights and still have no working lights, you should consider having your auto repair shop take a look. Your mechanic can diagnose the problem and replace any faulty equipment to get the lights working once again.

Dim Lights

Dim headlights or brights that aren't as bright as they should be can be caused by a number of issues. You may have a bad alternator, which could lead to lower power feeding into the lights. With less power, the headlights may appear dim. You could also have moisture or dirt that has built up inside the headlight casing. Dirt can build up over time, and with proper cleaning, the headlights can be restored to their proper working condition. Moisture inside the headlight cover could indicate that the seal for the headlight housing is broken. Your auto repair shop will be able to fix the housing and remove any residual moisture to get your headlights as bright as they need to be. You may also need to replace the housing if it has become discolored over time.

Headlights may not be integral to keeping your car running, but they are essential components for vehicle safety. If you have one or more headlight out, you should inspect the problem immediately. Your auto repair service can restore the headlights to their original working condition, whether you need to have the bulbs replaced, you have wiring issues or there is a problem with moisture inside the headlight housing components. For more information, contact Blue Valley Garage or a similar company.