If you are purchasing a used semi truck and you will be driving long distances with it, you may be confused at all the different choices there are. To help you, below are three things you should look for when purchasing a used semi truck. Follow the tips below so you can make sure you purchase the truck that is best for you.

The Tires

Look over the tires carefully, especially since you are buying a used semi truck.  Unless you are an expert when it comes to semi trucks, you should hire a mechanic that is experienced working with these trucks. They can tell you if the metal and rubber mixtures are within a certain threshold.  If they are not, the tire treads can separate while you are driving the truck.

The mechanic can also determine if the tires are inflated to the specifications of the tire manufacturer. If the tire pressure is too low, the tires can heat up, which causes them to expand and blow out. Too much tire pressure will increase degradation and stress pressure points, which will cause the tires to blow out much quicker.

The mechanic can also determine if the correct tires are on the truck. If they are the wrong tires, the truck will not be able to carry the right amount of load, and a blowout is more likely on adverse road conditions.

If problems are found with the tires, the seller may offer to purchase new tires for the truck. If not, they should lower the price they are asking for the truck. Contact a company like F & H Tire Co for more information.

Sleeping Cabin

As a long haul truck driver, there are laws you have to follow about the amount of hours you can drive.  Because of this, you need to look at the sleeping cabin. These cabins come in a variety of sizes, from one that is large enough for a sleeping bag, cot, or built-in bunk to a space that is more like a small cubby hole.

Having a good sleeping cabin can save you a lot of money, because you will not have to pay for hotel rooms. It will also save you from back pain if you have to sleep on the seats in your truck.

Storage for Food

Because you will likely be on the road many days out of the year, eating out at restaurants can become very expensive. Having your own food storage is important, as you can bring your own food to keep inside your cabin. Food storage may be a few cabinets, or the used semi truck could have a compact refrigerator. This also saves you a lot of time, because you can stop at a truck stop and eat, and then get right back on the road again.

Look at several used semi trucks before you make your choice to make sure you get one that is right for you.