It my look like a normal SUV right at this moment, but that vehicle you have in your driveway could take on an entirely new personality as an off-road machine. You're probably think that this sounds like a feat that will be way too expensive for your budget and no matter how much you enjoy heading off the beaten path, there is no way you have the time to revamp your entire SUV. However, what you may not know is you can completely transform your basic SUV into a 4x4 Off-Road machine with just three changes.

Add an off-road LED light bar to light up the way.

If there is one thing that is lacking in a common SUV's design, it is the lighting. Your headlights may be fine for lighting up the highway ahead of you at night, but when you are on the trails and in the woods, you need light with more height and reachability to be able to see ahead of you. An offroad LED light bar affixes to the top of your SUV and consists of several rows of LED lights, which are much more capable of spreading evenly distributed light and eliminating dark shadows.

Get over obstacles with a suspension lift.

A suspension lift is one of those adjustments that will probably require the help of a body shop, but will be well worth the expense if you like to take paths that may not be so smooth. Suspension lifts will raise the body of your SUV higher above the wheel base, anywhere from just a few inches to several, making room for larger wheels if you choose. This extra height makes climbing over rocks, hills, and fallen trees less of an issue if you run into something on your off-road endeavors.

Protect your front end with a steel brush guard.

The last thing you want is to be on the trails and concerned about causing damage to the front end of your ride as you are traversing over rough terrain. Protect the front grill, bumper, and headlights with a good brush guard, which is designed with durable steel or titanium. These brush guards are simple to install, provide a great advantage when you are whipping through branches and rocks, and give your SUV an incredibly tough appearance. Brush guards can cover the entire front end of the vehicle, but you can also pick up a smaller version that protrudes slightly from the front and offers minimal protection.