Whether you have a new or used car, you invest so much in your beloved vehicle with monthly payments, insurance, and maintenance. When you have a lot of car-related expenses, it can be tempting to try to save money anywhere you can. So, perhaps you see a cheap car wash advertised at a service station with bright lights and promises of savings. However, despite the superficial appeal of a cheap car wash, keeping your vehicle clean and beautiful is one area where you definitely should not cut expenses. Here's why.

Spotting and Scratching

A cheap, automatic car wash can leave you with water spotting on your vehicle. That is a disappointment when you were hoping to improve the exterior aesthetic of your car, buy you instead wind up with a mess that looks much worse.

Even worse, some cheap car washes can scratch the paint of your vehicle. Because some of these automatic washes use cheap, abrasive brushes and other harsh technologies, scratches are not uncommon. That can leave you with a very expenses problem, and you will be worse off for having tried it. Also, if you have an expensive vehicle, it can easily cause damage to details that have custom-designed aspects like painted initials or logos.

Mere Washing Isn't Enough

Making your car look great involves more than a simple wash, yet that is all that is provided at most car washes. After the initial car wash, auto detail claying removes grime and other things from the car paint that simple washing will never be able to do. Also, in order to look fantastic, your car also needs a polish. Waxing and buffing are needed to complete the process. All of these details are necessary in order for your car to look its best, be well-maintained, and be protected from the harsh elements that it will inevitably encounter on the road.

Direct Contact is Necessary

Automatic, cheap car washes are also not a good idea because they will simply miss important parts of your vehicle. All parts need to be cleaned during a truly good car wash, and total sections of your car can be missed because a cheap car wash doesn't allow for direct contact with your vehicle. Personal automotive detail work provides a way for a thorough cleaning where no parts of your car are ignored.

Finally, keep in mind that the decisions for keeping your car looking and running well for years to come fall on your shoulders. A cheap car wash is one that could end up costing you big in the long run, rather than saving  you money. Instead, be sure to look into automotive detail work on websites like http://www.deluxedetailandtint.com. It will be good for your car and good for your budget.