Mercedes luxury vehicles are symbolic of your wealth and good taste in luxury vehicles. They are just flashy enough for everyone to take notice, without being too flashy and snobby. Unfortunately, they are still cars, and they can still get wrecked in an auto accident. If you have wrecked your Mercedes, you may seriously be considering sending your vehicle to the salvage yard. Here are three arguments for getting your Mercedes repaired rather than junking it.

The Sum of Its Salvageable Parts Is Worth More Than the Amount the Salvage Yard Will Give You

If this is the first time you have ever considered sending your damaged vehicle to a salvage yard, you may not be familiar with the practice of giving vehicle owners money for their wrecked cars. (This is a common practice for salvage yards, since they are essentially buying your vehicle by the pound of scrap metal.) The problem with sending a damaged luxury vehicle to a salvage yard is that the salvage yard gives you money based on the price-per-pound of scrap metal and then sells off the reusable parts to make a profit. When the sum total value of all the reusable parts on your luxury car exceeds the amount of money the salvage yard wants to give you, it is a fool's errand to dispose of your car this way. Instead, see if your car insurance will cover most of the costs to repair your Mercedes.

Your Insurance Will Cover Most of the Cost

If your insurance company will cover almost all of the repair costs and does not pronounce your vehicle a "total loss," you should get it fixed. The really minor amount of money you might have to pay out of pocket for your deductible is negligible when you can get your Mercedes fully restored, both physically and in monetary value. What is more, the Mercedes dealership will be able to restore your vehicle with authentic Mercedes parts.

The Dealership's Automotive Department Can Restore It Like New

Finally, the Mercedes dealership where you purchased your vehicle has several automotive specialists who can restore your vehicle completely. Short of restoring a crushed cube of metal, most of these specialists know how to manipulate metal, order authentic Mercedes' replacement parts, and even repaint and refinish your luxury car to look just like the rest on the lot. It may be pricey, but the restoration and repairs would still cost less than the purchase price of a new Mercedes at a comparable cost.

Get in touch with a Mercedes repair specialist for more information.